House Rules

Like any self-respecting entity, we need to have a few rules in place. It should be common sense to most if not all of you, but consider the following:

Dutch law


This should be entirely logical, but when you're one of our guests you are to obey all Dutch laws. 

So yeah, just don't murder anyone. Or better yet, don't be a douchebag. Just be a shining example of human party excellence!

No smoking


The party is held in a smoke-free venue, but of course you're more than welcome to have a smoke outside the building, in front of the entrance. 

That said, use the bins we provide to get rid of your cigarette butts. Do NOT litter the farm grounds! 

Computers only


No fridges, no microwaves, no vacuum cleaners, no beamers, no diesel generators... You get our drift. 

We basically don't want you to bring really power-hungry equipment with you, just your computers and screens.

No stickers 


This is considered vandalism and also a great way for you to be sent on your way home. 

We hire the venue so that means we have to return it in exactly the same condition as we encountered it.  

Please park your car on the assigned parking lot, NOT near the entrance or on the yard in front of it. 

Parking on the lawns is prohibited, because it'll destroy the grass!

A few notes...

If you want to bring your own food and drinks, then that's no problem from our end. Just realize your ticket includes all the beer and soda you can drink and all the food you can eat!

We have no problems with you displaying your fresh-as-hell group banners, as long as you do so non-destructively, so only use tape or rope to secure it to the wall.