Pricing & Checklist

Full experience ticket


Enjoy X’2018 like it was meant to be. With the full experience you receive instant access to all the services we provide like unlimited access for three days, a cosy bed, food and drinks. These tickets cost: € 110

Single day ticket

Book a single day experience and join us for one day! This ticket provides access on either Friday or Saturday. All the food and drinks are included, however a bed and a computer space are not. These tickets cost € 75 (limited to 50 tickets) and are provided on a first come first served basis.

Pre-order your party T-shirt

For the first time we give you the opportunity to order your T-shirt in advance on the registration page. The T-shirt will feature a new and updated design that will be published on the facebook page of X’2018 in due course. You can pick up your shirt at the entrance of X’2018 after paying an additional 25 euro. Please check the option on the registration form to ensure yourself of a shirt in the right size.
On a final note, be aware that the size is a bit smaller than usual and we will only sell a limited quantity during the party.


Make sure you don't forget the following:

  • CASH MONEY, since we don't accept any other form of payment
  • A sleeping bag or sheets and a pillowcase if you want to sleep like royalty. Our dorm rooms come with (bunk) beds, mattresses and pillows.
  • If you bring your equipment, don't forget your extension cables. We can provide a few but we're always running short! It's generally a good idea to bring an extra power strip, just in case someone forgets theirs. You know, to spread the love a little.
  • Park your car on the parking lot and NOT in front of the building or on any of the lawns

Reserve your ticket now !