Lineup 2018

Doesn't really need an introduction to anyone who has ever owned a C64. His multi-instrumental solo set is something else.

As we were unable to hook Magnar his gear to our soundsystem in 2016, he deserves another chance. Get ready for a great experience listening to his typical Censor Design sounds.

Goto80 is an "old media artist" from Sweden who works with music, art and research. Since the 90's he has released thousands songs in many absurd styles and formats and recently. He currently focuses on live coded C64 music, robotic arms, and ASCII graffiti.

Wacek rocked the crowd last 'X' with an incredible set full of SID. You can bring your dancing shoes again as we are proud to announce his return on stage at X-2018.

We invited Mr.Mouse to explain background and details of his FM-YAM, the OPL2 music expansion, that was released to over 200 users this year! Of course, that won’t be without new examples of the “endless musical possibilities” of the OPL2-SID combination for which FM-YAM was created in the first place!

Quick crash course in using C64 Debugger run by author of the tool himself. Review of new functionalities, behind the code, tips and tricks with Q&A session.

Questions, Answers and demonstration about the stunning conversion of Eye of the Beholder for C64 by JackAsser and V3to.

Gideon will take you on a journey to the Ultimate64.