The organizing team

Every two years, the following people pour their souls into creating an amazing weekend for the C64 scene. This is done on a purely voluntary basis.

Tim/Silicon Ltd

Lead Orgo


Financial Director


Backend Partybeast


Compo Boss


Hardware Hero

Djs/Silicon Ltd

Technical Lizard King


Power User

Harlequin/Silicon Ltd

Droppin' Scienxe


Mall Rat

The crew

These guys tackle all the day-to-day manual jobs, from dragging heavy equipment around to serving beers at the bar and cleaning up. Without them, the party simply won't happen!

2Hype/Silicon Ltd 
Count Zero/SCS*TRC 
TPM/Silicon Ltd  

X'2018 website and your personal data

When you register for the X2018 party, we collect the following personal indentifiable information:

  • Handle / group
  • Name / surname
  • E-mail address
  • Country
  • If you're vegetarian or not
  • Clothing size and gender (only when you pre-order a T-shirt)

This information is used for the following purposes:

  • To get an estimate of the number of people who will attend this event;
  • By using your name as a unique identifier in our reservation system where we mark your payment of the entrance fee;
  • The e-mail address is used to keep the visitors informed before and after the party. We also use it for confirmation purposes to get a thorough estimate of the actual number of visitors.
  • Your means of transportation is used to get an estimate for the number of people who use our shuttle bus;
  • Your preference for vegetarian food is registered for purchasing the right amount of vegetarian food;
  • Your country of origin is registered to offer a public overview to visitors of our website

We will not share your information with third parties. We might publish a combination of your handle and groupname as a part of the results/party info text file which is released after the X-party. By filling out the registration form, you accept and allow us to use your information as described above.
At any given time you can ask us to show you your information, change your information or even delete your information by sending a request by e-mail to, make sure to use the same e-mail address as you used to sign up.